What is the WebCup? WebCup

The Webcup is an annual event that was first introduced in December 2009 by the Webcup Association (non-profit) based in Reunion Island, with the aim of promoting the use of the Internet around a fun and educational event; an annual competition known as The Webcup .  Since the Internet is a world-wide web of a multitude of websites, this event gives the opportunity for both amateurs (students) and professionals (individuals and web agencies) to participate in the creation of websites based on a common theme.  The participants must within 24 hours develop a website on a topic kept secret and revealed only at the start of the competition.  The participants are free to use any technology they wish and after 24 hours, a jury shall deliberate and nominate a winner.


Who is the WebCup ?  The WebCup Association was created by Fabien Degieux (Chairman),  Alan Chakri (Vice-President and Secretary) and Thomas Craipeau (Treasurer). The Association is supported by active volunteers, « The Staff » without which WebCup would not have been possible. In total there is a dozen people actively involved in the preparation of each new edition.

VCS (Pty) Limited, the Administrator and Technical Registry of the .SC Domain Names for Seychelles in partnership with the WebCup Association of La Reunion and local sponsors is introducing the WebCup event in Seychelles.

Various Communication Platforms You can follow all the news about the WebCup on various web media

Historical events :

  • December 2009 : Creation of the WebCup Association in Saint Pierre (Ile de la Réunion)
  •  June 2010, 1st edition of the WebCup at La Possession (Ile de la Réunion)
  • June 2011, 2nd edition of the WebCup at La Possession (Ile de la Réunion)
  • June 2012, 3rd edition of the WebCup at La Possession (Ile de la Réunion)
  • May 2013 : First-time participation of Madagascar, Mauritius and Mayotte in the regional round
  • December 2013 : First Webcup final to be held in La Réunion with participation from other Indian Ocean islands
  • And very shortly : 7th and 8th June 2014 , 4th edition of the WebCup of the Indian Ocean

ConclusionThe purpose of WebCup is to promote local ICT talents. It encourages young professionals and amateurs alike, albeit creative directors, content writers, graphic designers and web programmers to unite around a fun event that can help encourage the use of the Internet and ICT and more specifically web development in Seychelles. The WebCup is not only about competition and rivalry. On the contrary, the main spirit of the WebCup is to create a fun and exciting event that takes place in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


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