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11 octobre 2014 | il y a 7 ans

After winning the first-ever Webcup competition held in Seychelles earlier in June, team BlueFire left for Mauritius on Wednesday where they will be representing Seychelles at the Webcup 2014 Final which will take place at the Cyber City from Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th October, 2014.

For BlueFire team, comprising of Hervé Chang-Yunn, Alvin Lebon, Anisha Mangroo and Jean-Francois Rose, this is an exciting opportunity to measure up against the best web specialists and enthusiasts in the Indian Ocean. The 2014 Final will see the winning teams from Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mayotte and Comoros come together to develop a web project on a 24-hour, non-stop basis. The topic of such project will be kept secret by the organizers and only unveiled to the participants at the start of the competition on Saturday 11th October.

This year, the Webcup Final event is being organised and financed by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication of the Republic of Mauritius along with other ICT partners and sponsors. The Webcup Association based in La Reunion has expressed its wish to hold the Webcup final in Seychelles next year.

The Webcup is an annual event that was first introduced in 2010 by the Webcup Association based in Reunion Island, with the aim of promoting Information Communications Technology (ICT) around a fun and educational event.

In Seychelles, VCS, a leading ICT company in Seychelles, was the main organizer of the first round of the Webcup competition which was held back in June concurrently with 5 other Indian Ocean islands.

“We are really proud to be representing Seychelles at this international event and with this being our first participation at this level, our objective is to produce our best performance and show the region we can build a professional and fully functional website within 24 hours” said Hervé Chang-Yunn, team leader of BlueFire. “We realize that it will be a tough challenge but our competitive trait will see us through as we work best when under pressure!” added Mr. Chang-Yunn.

Team BlueFire was accompanied to the Webcup final by Gilbert Lebon, Managing Director of VCS and Elaine Montalban, Executive Support Manager at VCS.