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20 mai 2017 | il y a 4 ans

For the fourth year running, Seychellois web enthusiasts have the opportunity to showcase their talents in the Seychelles Webcup 2017 and with it, the opportunity to represent Seychelles in the finals that will be held in one of the participating countries later in the year.

This year’s preliminary round competition has been organized by SEY-IX (Seychelles Internet Exchange Point Association) in collaboration with the Webcup Association of Reunion and is being held at the CARE House, Freedom Square over a 24-hour period from 1200 hrs on Saturday 20th to 1200 hrs on Sunday 21st May 2017.

It was the Principal Secretary for the Department of Information & Communication Technology, Mr. Benjamin Choppy who launched the Seychelles Webcup which has been included as one of the main events of the part of the ICT Week,  just before 12 noon on Saturday 20th May, 2017.

3 teams comprising of 10 participants are this year taking part in the Seychelles Webcup.  Apart from winning some exciting prizes sponsored by Cable & Wireless and Free Wifi Nation, the winning team will get to represent Seychelles at the Grand Regional Final on one of the other 6 islands and it’s not every day that one has the opportunity to represent his or her country in an international competition.

The Webcup is an annual event that was first introduced in 2010 by the Webcup Association based in Reunion Island, with the aim of promoting Information Communications Technology (ICT) around a fun and educational event; with the participants working as individuals or in teams of not more than 4 persons (amateurs, students and professionals are all welcome) who must within 24 hours (non-stop) develop a website on a topic kept secret until the start of the competition.  The preliminary round is held simultaneously in Reunion, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, Mayotte, Rodrigues and Madagascar.

Mr. Lebon also expressed his appreciation towards the sponsors that have come forward once again to support the event.  “We are thankful to our loyal sponsors, Cable & Wireless, Today in Seychelles, VCS, Switch, Space 95, Free Wifi Nation, Kokonet, Maven, the Department of Information Communications Technology (DICT) and CARE (Campaign for Awareness Resilience & Education against Substance Abuse) for their valuable contribution because without their continued support, the event itself would not have been possible.